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Welcome to High Noon Over Nishi.

This is an RPG with a mix of themes, that could be described as a mix of Samurai, Ninjas, Gunslingers, and Magic Users, fighting in a Feudal Japanese Wild West.

  • In this world you will find monsters and non human races, although most non humans are savage creatures living him smaller tribes rather than having their own full society.
  • Magic while not incredibly common, is a powerful part of this setting as well, with a few secretive magic societies around, some public and some hidden away.
  • Black powder is also still very much in a primitive state, with only those willing to work hard and innovate being able to wield revolvers or repeaters with any hope of function.
  • So the most common type of combatant characters are still your sword and bow wielding warriors.

With that said, the main themes and play style for this game have a heavy focus on characters and role playing, and skewed away from complex rules and lots of dice modifiers. My players are a major part of story telling for me to work with and help shape an adventure.

Home Page

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