Race Compendium

This page is dedicated to races that are sentient major parts of the game world. This list is a work in progress and is in no way conclusive. Check for sub pages for more detail where available.
Also note that this list is a great place to start if you are looking to create a character, but also keep in mind you are a part of the story, if you have a great idea lets hear it!


  • Humans are the most populous race of this world and can be found nearly everywhere.
  • Just like in real life, humans of this world tend to flock together forming small towns, up to major cities.
  • Human government is split over 3 major kingdoms, the Western Lands, the Eastern Lands, and the Southern Island.
  • Humans excel at a great variety of tasks and vary wildly from person to person.


  • Elves are seen as humans as elusive, slim, attractive, and mystical in most places, however some humans do have various prejudice against Elves.
  • Elves are actually quite diverse and have several small cities hidden away. The elves of each Kingdom vary quite a bit, and are often on less than good terms with each other, seeing the differences as against their own tradition.
  • Elves make up a much small portion of the population of the world, and not many have chosen to leave to live with Humans. Most of their Human contact is incidental, or through Trade.
  • Each Kingdom of Elves also varies wildly in its respect and dealings with Humans, some fear them, others respect them, and the level of seclusion can vary wildly.
  • Elves live significantly longer lives than Humans so can often seem aloof, and slow to give trust or respect. Due to the life span almost all Elves learn a great deal of lore, and often magic, although there are those who avoid its use depending on culture.


  • Dwarfs are shorter and stockier than a human, but are regarded as being amicable although there are racial prejudice making many suspect Dwarfs to be greedy and selfish, especially in trade.
  • The Dwarf population is actually quite large, nearly half the size of the Human population, however Dwarf kingdoms are far to the west, and thus not a significant amount have settled within the Human areas.
  • Dwarfs do excel at mining and subterranean construction but it is generally a misconception that they prefer to live underground. In reality their craftsman skills are superior to humans, due to their slightly longer life span, and having been a civilized race for a more significant period to humans. It is told that there are several different Kingdoms in the lands further west, and that their structures make even the grandest human cities pale in comparison.
  • Once again due to the large variety of Kingdoms one could hail from, the actual skills, knowledge, and personality of Dwarfs varies greatly.


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