The Ronin Goliath

A giant of a man, wearing medium armor, and carrying massive melee weapons.


-1 Careful
0 Clever
1 Flashy
3 Forceful
2 Quick
1 Sneaky

When I forcefully attack in melee combat I gain +2 to the dice, when using a large weapon.
When I forcefully overcome aspects created from damage I take, my great endurance grants me +2.
When I forcefully attack in conversation to intimidate someone I gain +2.

I am a great ronin from a lost empire, seeking allies worth dying for.
I am reckless in battle, because I seek a good death.
My large size, and exceptional athleticism allow me to thrive in battle.
I am an intimidating warrior and know how to use that as a weapon.
My experience with battle strategies, is the only education I ever needed.


I am a 6ft 6in giant of a man, but weigh in at a moderate and athletic build. My training regimen heralds from a disciplined military past. My kingdom was lost due to assassins removing our Daimyo, without him I knew our kingdom would fall. Soon after in a decisive battle, most of my comrades were lost. Knowing this would be the end, I fought with all I had. In the end I found my self on the other side of enemy lines. Looking out over the battle I knew our kingdom was finished, so I took the chance and left. I take work where I can get it, but what I really seek is a use for my talents in combat, and the chance to die in battle for allies who are worth it.

The Ronin Goliath

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